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- Dr Ginger Rome
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Cypress, Texas, USA

"Implementing airway focused dentistry into my practice has made me realize sleep-related breathing disorders go undiagnosed often. Connecting our knowledge with dental sleep medicine has enabled my team to change lives. It is as simple as a conversation to set your patients on a journey to better sleep and overall health. Dr Mona Patel has been an incredible inspiration in my journey to continue learning about dental sleep medicine. She has been instrumental in my daily practice and has been available to guide me on my airway dentistry implementation. Mona, you are an inspiration for me! I am just beginning my journey and I can already see myself someday wanting to educate our dental colleagues about DSM!"

"So much of my life and career has changed since learning about dental sleep medicine!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Erik Mendelsohn
Doctor of Dental Medicine
 New Jersey, USA

"Highly recommend Dr Patel. The system and passion she will bring to your office is really going to help your team. Thank you Dr Patel!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Deborah Rea
Azura Dental & Cosmetics
Adelaide, Australia

"Mona makes the process of integrating sleep dentistry smooth and easy. She thinks of all the things that you won’t even realize you need to do, to make it work in your practice. Her experience is invaluable. Because she has gone through it in her own practice, she can relate to what you and your staff need, in order to provide excellence in sleep dentistry to patients. I found her practical approach was exactly what we needed to transition sleep smoothly. Her ongoing support and case discussion really helped! Best part, my patients are really happy, staff are happy, and my stress levels are far lower than if I had to do it alone. A must have service, worth every single dollar if you want Sleep dentistry to be part of your practice!"

"Mona is definitely the go to person to integrate Sleep Dentistry into your practice."

Client Testimonials

- Dr Sapna Makhan Amin
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Flower Mound, Texas, USA

"Dr Mona Patel is an expert in comprehensive dentistry! I love how she can teach dental professionals how to encompass sleep issues - everything from diagnosis and treatment planning to execution of workflow. Her systems and knowledge can be used in practice by Monday morning. She is truly the best educator for implementing sleep dentistry in the dental office!"

"Dr Mona Patel is truly the best educator for implementing sleep dentistry into the dental office!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Eric Paster
The Royersford Dentist

"I can't say enough great things about the experience. One thing Dr Patel has really helped with is training the team. I would recommend Dr Patel to anybody!"

Client Testimonials

- Michelle, Dental Hygienist
The Royerford Dentist
Pennsylvania, USA

"I want to thank Dr Patel for the wealth of knowledge she passed on. I would highly recommend her - we had a great time and learnt so much! "

Client Testimonials

Dental Snoozology

Awakening Sleep Apnea Solutions In Your Practice


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