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I'm Dr Mona Patel - 'The Snoozologist!' Since I started practicing dentistry, I have always been passionate about looking after my patient’s whole health and not just the teeth and gums. Health, function & beauty were at the core of my treatment philosophy. After 22 years, my journey with dental sleep medicine began...

My story explains how I came to know Dental Sleep Medicine, and why I can wholeheartedly recommend the treatment from personal experience.

The Snoozologist

For the first time in what felt like forever, I slept properly through the night. Finally I knew what a good night's sleep feels like! It made such a huge improvement to my life. My team noticed positive changes in me; I was upbeat in the morning, I had better memory, and I was able to focus so much better.

That was when I knew I had to implement this into my dental practice... I wanted other people to experience the change I had felt, and to be able to change lives like it had mine. I immediately set out to learn as much as I could about Dental Sleep Medicine, with the goal to enrol myself and my whole team and implement a system that would help my patients. I started with multiple foundation courses, and then did a sleep residency. I joined every online forum I could find on the subject, and read everything I could. The extensive research enabled me to create a system that is efficient and gives positive, predictable results.

For the past three years, my team and I have successfully treated many patients with Dental Sleep Medicine.

For about 10 years, I was feeling tired, fatigued and unhealthy. I never slept well, but I put it down to aging. Eventually, my physicians diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, perimenopause and prediabetes. I was put on medication for my thyroid. Despite the medication, working out, and eating healthy. I was still tired. I would feel drowsy driving home every day, and I couldn’t function without an afternoon nap. It eventually affected my lifestyle as I was having to reject social activities due to having no energy.

It affected my relationship with my husband, and my children missed my usual, active self. In 2018, I attended a course that was teaching about sleep apnea, where they gave out home sleep tests to participants. I did the test as soon as I was home, and the result told me I had mild sleep apnea. One of my symptoms of this was snoring. At that time, I had also developed TMD pain. It was a really bad, unhappy time in my life.

I wanted to improve my sleep and health, so I learned to make myself an appliance to help my sleep apnea. The first morning after wearing the appliance, I realized how badly I had been sleeping before that night!

my story

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Giving back is crucially important to me. Therefore, 33% of the profits from fees will be donated to the following charities:

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I currently practice in Abington, Pennsylvania. My commitment to excellence started from entering the University of Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Dental School at the age of 17, before obtaining my Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the age of 21. After practicing for a few years in England, I moved to America in 1992. To further my career in America, I attended the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, and obtained my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. During this time, I was the Director of the Preclinical Program for PASS Students.

I also served as a clinical instructor for final year dental students. In 1995, I joined a private practice which I eventually bought myself. Since then, I’ve had a passion to provide the latest that dentistry has to offer. Following this passion, I’ve created a practice dedicated to comprehensive and complex dentistry. All of my treatments are presented in a way that combines technology and technique to support overall health and wellness.

I have pursued a commitment to learning and continuing to grow my skills and knowledge further, accumulating over 700 hours of post-graduate training. Some of these skills include occlusion, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, full mouth rehabilitation, implant surgery, and dental sleep medicine.

I am currently on faculty for two curriculums; Clinical Mastery Series and Sleep Group Solutions. These two groups offer clinical continuing education for advanced dentistry to dentists at different levels of their careers. I am the Course Director for the Clinical Mastery Series 2-day foundational course in Dental Sleep Medicine. I have recently sold my practice to focus on different aspects of teaching, mainly Dental Sleep Medicine.

I remain an associate at the same practice, as well as a clinical faculty instructor at the University of Pennsylvania Dental school, teaching third and fourth-year dental students.

 I am also a co-founder of Dynamic Dental Divas; an all-women study group. This women's dental study group is designed to help female dentists advance and develop their knowledge and techniques. I founded this group with a focus on health, wellness, and comprehensive dentistry.

I am a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Montgomery/Bucks Dental Society, Straumann ITI Implant Forum, Pennsylvania Dental Association, and Suburban Study Club.

Groups and Associations 

Knowledge and Skill Set

My Experience

professional background

- Dr Ginger Rome
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Cypress, Texas, USA

"Implementing airway focused dentistry into my practice has made me realize sleep-related breathing disorders go undiagnosed often. Connecting our knowledge with dental sleep medicine has enabled my team to change lives. It is as simple as a conversation to set your patients on a journey to better sleep and overall health. Dr Mona Patel has been an incredible inspiration in my journey to continue learning about dental sleep medicine. She has been instrumental in my daily practice and has been available to guide me on my airway dentistry implementation. Mona, you are an inspiration for me! I am just beginning my journey and I can already see myself someday wanting to educate our dental colleagues about DSM!"

"So much of my life and career has changed since learning about dental sleep medicine!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Erik Mendelsohn
Doctor of Dental Medicine
 New Jersey, USA

"Highly recommend Dr Patel. The system and passion she will bring to your office is really going to help your team. Thank you Dr Patel!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Deborah Rea
Azura Dental & Cosmetics
Adelaide, Australia

"Mona makes the process of integrating sleep dentistry smooth and easy. She thinks of all the things that you won’t even realize you need to do, to make it work in your practice. Her experience is invaluable. Because she has gone through it in her own practice, she can relate to what you and your staff need, in order to provide excellence in sleep dentistry to patients. I found her practical approach was exactly what we needed to transition sleep smoothly. Her ongoing support and case discussion really helped! Best part, my patients are really happy, staff are happy, and my stress levels are far lower than if I had to do it alone. A must have service, worth every single dollar if you want Sleep dentistry to be part of your practice!"

"Mona is definitely the go to person to integrate Sleep Dentistry into your practice."

Client Testimonials

- Dr Sapna Makhan Amin
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Flower Mound, Texas, USA

"Dr Mona Patel is an expert in comprehensive dentistry! I love how she can teach dental professionals how to encompass sleep issues - everything from diagnosis and treatment planning to execution of workflow. Her systems and knowledge can be used in practice by Monday morning. She is truly the best educator for implementing sleep dentistry in the dental office!"

"Dr Mona Patel is truly the best educator for implementing sleep dentistry into the dental office!"

Client Testimonials

- Dr Eric Paster
The Royersford Dentist

"I can't say enough great things about the experience. One thing Dr Patel has really helped with is training the team. I would recommend Dr Patel to anybody!"

Client Testimonials

- Michelle, Dental Hygienist
The Royerford Dentist
Pennsylvania, USA

"I want to thank Dr Patel for the wealth of knowledge she passed on. I would highly recommend her - we had a great time and learnt so much! "

Client Testimonials

Dental Snoozology

Awakening Sleep Apnea Solutions In Your Practice


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